A Day in the Life- working diaries


API Product Manager, Technology

The best thing about my job is the variety. From liaising with companies in the States to overseeing the ASOS API/Application Programme Interface, no two days are the same.

The API I work on is an IT interface for internal and external parties to access our full product catalogue of over 50,000 items – with the functionality to search this and add items to a shopping cart. Our current API was deployed specifically to power our IPhone and Ipad shopping apps. Today, it allows us to be creative in the digital space and for external companies and developers to utilise our data in a much wider way.

My job involves building strong relationships with internal departments to foster adoption of our API. I also need to keep on top of what's happening in the Commercial, Marketing, Creative, Magazine, Press, Editorial, International Sales, Marketplace, Fashion Finder and IT teams. This way, I can find new opportunities for our API.

The API is truly a powerful tool for ASOS to distribute our services, making them faster and easier to consume. It's still in its infancy – but it offers a huge growth area for ASOS.

A large part of my role involves research and strategy to make sure the ASOS API is designed in accordance with IT best practices and that it offers something that truly benefits our customers. As a result, I'm always looking for ways to make improvements to the way we do things.

Technology at ASOS is a really diverse and progressive area. I think I'm fortunate to be working on the API, which I believe will change the shape of Technology as we know it. And for us, the potential is limitless.

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