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So you’ve completed your application, you’ve received a call from the Talent Team to chat and invite you for an interview. What happens next we hear you ask?

We usually have a two-stage interview process:

Stage 1

At your first interview, you’ll usually meet with the person who would be your Line Manager and a member of the Talent Team. This is a chance to really sell yourself and for us to hear about your experience while getting to know the real you - remember, if you are successful we’ll be working with you every day so we’ll want to see how well you understand who we are, what we do and where we are going and demonstrate high levels of initiative, drive, innovation and problem solving ability.

Stage 2

Congratulations – you’ve been invited in for a second interview! At this stage, you are in a select group of two or three people we invite back.

Here, you may expect to have been set a business challenge to complete. For example, you might be asked to present back on key trends for a season, a SWOT, or perhaps a strategic solution based on our business. If it is a more technical role, it may be that we test your skills in that area.

For some roles, we might be asked to attend an Assessment Centre too. These will usually be a half-day, and involve a number of individual and group tasks. We know this can be daunting but don’t worry – it’s not scary and we make it fun!

Our Top Tips for Interview

Wear what you feel comfortable in and you feel gives us the best impression of you. Whether this is your lucky dress/top, your favourite item of the season or your most professional outfit. We want to meet the real you!

Remember, you’ll normally only have an hour to tell us how great you are – so remember to listen to the questions carefully and make sure your answer is relevant & concise

Interviews are a two way process, so we like it if you have some questions up your sleeve to ask us too.

Remember to do your research!

We’re easy to find but make sure you remember your map just in case, click here for location details and a map.

Applying For an Interview