Working in Digital Experience at ASOS

Digital Experience at ASOS is all about finding new ways to improve our customer's shopping experience. We are split into five sections: Product management, User experience, Insights & Analytics, Customer strategy & insights and data science.

User Experience

What do our customers really want from their shopping experience? This question keeps the User Experience team awake at night (well, busy in the day!). Our job is to create the most usable and engaging experience possible. We always keep the customer at the heart of any new web initiatives; our aim is to produce an online fashion experience like no other. You’ll drive concept development, wireframing, prototyping and user testing. In a nutshell, you’ll play a really important role in the development and progression of the ASOS user experience.

Insights & Analytics

Insights & analytics help us to better understand where our users come from and what they do when they’re on the site. We want to know how they find us, the devices they use, how they interact with the site, and how successful we are at converting them into customers. So, when you spot any awesome new changes to the site, it’s because our team have used customer data to drive changes, improve usability and, ultimately, improve the whole experience. The Insights & Analytics team are responsible for understanding customer behaviour across all ASOS digital touchpoints. We capture and analyse huge volumes of data and turn them into actionable insights to inform the strategy of our business, with a particular focus on Marketing, Retail and Product. We are passionate about our customers and love to play with data and technology.


The Product management team at ASOS are constantly looking to develop the very best experiences for our customers. From capitalising on machine learning capabilities, utilising big-data or pushing our app development boundaries. We live and breathe our customers, we're highly user-centric and we believe deeply that innovation is in our blood."

Customer Strategy & Insight

The Customer Strategy team is responsible for understanding our customers: who they are, how they interact with us, and how that contributes to their value and loyalty, and also to business performance.  We do this by mining and carrying out statistical analysis of our enormous customer data set. We then use that insight and work alongside other insight functions to support the wider business to design propositions and communications to customers, which will encourage them to mimic the behaviour of our most valuable advocates.

Data Science

Our Data Science team is divided into four key areas:  Recommendations, Customer understanding, product understanding and Retail. We have a highly innovative team working on interesting and difficult problems, leveraging cutting edge technology to build solutions and customer facing products. Our team have a direct impact on shaping the future of how customers shop on ASOS, and play a key role in setting business decisions and activities.