Working in ASOS Studios

ASOS Studios is made up of a number of areas that all feed into making our site one of the most visited and largest online global fashion etailers.

Whether you're planning, shooting, retouching or writing copy, as part of this team, you'll play a big role in bringing ASOS to the hearts, minds – and wardrobes – of our customers.

Production - Sample Receive

Sample Receive

This is where it all begins. The Sample Receive team is responsible for managing the journey of up to 2000 samples every week.

You'll work closely with buying departments to book samples into the studios for shooting. In fact, you'll be responsible for the entire life cycle of samples – tracking progress through the studios until they're back with the buyer.

Production - Model Casting

Model Casting

Choosing the right people for the right brand is fundamental in defining and differentiating the many different brands we have on the site.

As part of the Model Casting team, you'll meet with potential models for the site and work with our stylists to get the right model look for the right brand!

Production - Shoot Operations

Shoot Operations

The Shoot Operations team keeps everything running smoothly, on time and on schedule. They book the creative teams and make sure the right products are in the right studio at the right time.

Planning is essential. Without question you will need to be super-organised, as you'll be setting timelines and keeping everything on schedule (and still be able to factor in any last minute changes too – fashion moves mighty fast you know).

Production - MW & WW Studios

MW & WW Studios

Once the samples are selected, models have been cast and the studios booked, it's time for the creative teams to do their thing. Each of our eight in-house studios has it's own team who prepare, style and photograph the products and models.

Working on all kinds of different shoots, you'll make sure our products and brands always look highly desirable, totally on trend and just, well, stunning.

Production - Stills studio

Stills studio

Here you'll work in a creative space that uses still life photography to shoot bags, shoes, accessories and jewellery. You'll get up close and personal with the products themselves.

The Stills Studio has bespoke tables to shoot different products. You'll even get to work in a specialist area that shoots dynamic 360° spins.

Production - Retouching


Before anything goes live on the site, this team makes sure all ecommerce imagery is perfect. They support the creative teams for press, look books, homepages and external shoots too.

All our retouching is really subtle. We want to show products and models authentically. Saying that, you'll get to play with some pretty cool tools, like creating flash animations from 360° stills imagery.

Production - Video Production

Video Production

Video Production truly brings our products to life. You'll film in a variety of styles, from catwalks to show how the product moves, to slow moving images with close-ups of fit and pocket detail.

Production - Copy


Writing copy for around 400 products a day, the copy team creates product descriptions and defines brands across the site.

As an ASOS copywriter, you'll produce headlines, descriptions of brands and category headers, at the same time supporting the marketing and press teams.