Working in Legal at ASOS

Yep, we’re the lawyers. Everyone knows about lawyers, don’t they? The Department of No, right? Well, in the same way that ASOS is a bit different from other companies, the ASOS Legal team is a bit different from a lot other Legal teams too.

  • Suits? Nope – we don’t do that.
  • Saying no as often as possible? We hate telling people that they can’t do something.
  • Taking as long as we like to do things because we’re busy? We know that that’s not acceptable, as everyone’s busy at ASOS. We like getting things to people by the date they need them, and love finding ways of doing things more and more efficiently.
  • Thinking we’re the centre of ASOS? We know we provide a service to ASOS, and that it’s the business that makes the money. We’re here to help make that business as successful as possible. To do that, we have to stay down to earth so that we can effectively help our commercial colleagues drive the business forwards.
  • Using jargon to make ourselves sound intelligent and superior? Legalese confuses us as much as the people in the business, and we know that advice is worthless unless it is communicated effectively. So we speak in plain English (albeit with a range of accents!) and actively ask people to challenge us if they don’t understand what we’re talking about.

Collectively, we love showing that lawyers can be genuinely useful; that lawyers can make a positive impact, rather than just avoid real and hypothetical negatives; that lawyers can help their colleagues get their job done, faster and more efficiently. In short, we like to show everyone that not all lawyers are the same.

So that’s how we work. We’ll help our commercial colleagues find a way to do what they want to do – whether that’s a written agreement, or just some advice or a second opinion. But what do we actually do?

In short, we’re risk advisers. Our colleagues in the business approach and involve us in almost anything in ASOS that involves risk and we help make sure they understand it fully.

Company Secretarial

We look after the regulated stuff that comes with ASOS being a PLC listed on the stock exchange. Technical, regulatory stuff? Yes, definitely. Sounds boring? All right, a bit. However, we kind of like that technical, regulatory stuff (thankfully!) and, like a lot of boring things, the work we do is important. The best way of summarising it is as ‘Reputation Management’.

We’re a friendly bunch and, whilst we do accept emails, we would much prefer people to come and see us for a chat.