Fashion with Integrity

Our vision at is to be ethical, sustainable and involved at every stage from the factory to your door.

We have a Corporate Responsibility department – but to achieve our vision we need to involve everyone in the business– this is about bringing ethics and sustainability right into the fabric of what we do. So if you’re a buyer, a technical architect, a press assistant or a CEO you’re part of the vision – in fact wherever you work you are key to it being a success.

There are 4 roads on our Fashion with Integrity journey – Ethical Trade, Sustainable Fashion, Sustainable Business and Community.

  • Ethical Trade

    We invest and respect the people that work for ASOS. It’s the right thing to do and we know that it makes a difference to how successful we are. Ethical Trade is about looking beyond our office walls with the same principle – it’s about respecting the thousands of people worldwide that work in the factories that make our products.

    Ethical trading isn’t easy, but we’re on the journey. Inspecting our factories against our ethical code is central, but we’re also getting more involved to make a real difference:working directly with supplier factories to make improvements. As members of the Ethical Trade Initiative we work with other retailers to have a bigger voice where it counts.

    How we work back here at ASOS matters too – how we buy, how we negotiate, how we plan. It all makes a difference.

  • Sustainable Fashion

    The Green Room and Eco-Fashion for men - are about fabulous design coupled with sustainable sourcing. It’s sustainable fashion – but because this is ASOS, it’s credible, sustainable fashion.

    We work with pioneer eco brands, building exciting collaborations, and developing our own label, using our unique position to tell our customers stories about each piece. With our ASOS Africa and fair trade collections we’re finding small producers in the developing world and helping them build their businesses so they can trade confidently with us and others.

    We’re also developing our main range buyers, designers and technical team, aiming to have the most knowledgeable ethical sourcing team in the business.

  • Community and the ASOS Foundation

    ASOS is part of a huge global community of customers, suppliers and colleagues. Our community engagement programme is intended to reflect our responsibility to all these groups and to ‘put something back’ that makes a real difference.

    The ASOS Foundation is about making long term partnerships over several years so we can really do something worth while.

    We are passionate about transforming the lives of young people through fashion and technology. That’s why we work with the Prince’s Trust, Udayan Care in India and SOKO in Africa.

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  • Sustainable Business

    Carbon reduction is this year's 'must have', whatever department you're in. We are constantly making improvements - there's a move to recycled packaging, cutting air freight, consolidating our deliveries, dramatically reducing the energy used for IT - and we're even planning to generate our own electricity at the warehouse.

    The Good news is that while we're making these changes ASOS has kick started its carbon reduction programme by investing in accredited offsetting schemes in forestry and renewable energy.


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